The MonCom Seminar: Positioning the Caribbean in the knowledge economy: the role of data (1-2 November 2023)

As the countries of the subregion resolutely pursue resilient recovery post-COVID-19 in an increasingly challenging global environment, these meetings provide a timely opportunity for dialogue and exchange on practical strategies to revitalize the economies of the Caribbean and to enhance the capacities of governments to support durable development. Consideration will be given to the modern skills needed in the workforce to facilitate economic diversification and enhance productivity; how best to harness the power of data, innovation and digitalization for more effective participation in the emerging knowledge economy; and how to strengthen institutional infrastructure for creative problem-solving.

Twenty-first meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the CDCC (3 November 2023)

CDCC Members and Associate Members are invited to exchange knowledge and perspectives on appropriate response to the most pressing developing issues currently confronting the region.

Radisson Hotel Trinidad, Wrightson Rd, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Room: Festival Ballroom